Fulfill Your Mandate, Become An Industry Leader, Establish Kingdom Legacy

About KSM

The primary aim of Kingdom School of Ministry is to equip individuals within the context of personal purpose to maximize their potential and effectively impact present and future generations on both a local and global scale by teaching spiritual truths from a biblical perspective. 

Kingdom School of Ministry provides:  

  • Leadership Development 
  • Economic & Financial Empowerment 
  • Spiritual Renewal 
  • Marketplace Application 
  • Social Reconstruction 
  • Global Responsibility 

Please note: There are no pre-requisites needed. Any questions about courses should be directed to our office of administration 1.678.565.9888. 

Founder and Chancellor, Dr. Cindy Trimm is an internationally acclaimed life strategist, humanitarian, and bestselling author. A former senator of Bermuda, she is a sought-after speaker and advisor to multinational corporations and governments across the globe.